The hydraulic DEAEMO hammers, Alicon sieries, are equipments 100% created by coreans, fabricated under the highest quality standarts and also habe been designed to handle with the most hard and rough operation conditions in places like: quarries, mines, highways and demolition places. The DAEMO hammers are used by different mining and building companies in Chile, Brasil, Perú, México, USA, Colombia,Europa,Asia,Oceanía.

Today,  DAEMO is one of the biggest hydraulic hammer fabricators and also of adjucnts for excavators in Corea. The DAEMO equipments can be used in any excavator, retro excavator, mini charger, or mini excavator with operative weights between 1 – 100 tons in brand like: Caterpillar, Komatsu, Hitachi, Hyundai, Kobelco, John Deer, Bobcat, Link Belt, Volvo or in any other brand.

Modelos Serie Alicon (Martillo vs. Peso operativo excavadora)


When you acquire a DAEMO hammer, you are not only buying a hammer, but that you are acquiring with it all the technical service and post- sale necesary support to guarantee a correct operation and equipment aviability with less stop time for maintance and reparation.
In Colombia, all the installation technical service, post sale and DAEMO hammer reparation done by FRC Ingeniería, who is the exclusive DAEMO representative for Colombia. FRC has a great stock of replacement parts, and spikes in its plant in Bogotá D.C. and a technical specialized team to give an answer to your requirements, even in a field or in our installations, all according to your needs. For more information about our technical serive, don’t doubt to communicate with us.




We are the rent equipment división of FRC Ingeniería, we have hydraulic hammers of the DAEMO brand, Alicon series, 100% corean origen, to be used with mini chargers, bowties, excavators until 36 tons, can be installed in any excavator brand; we count with an excelent technical service and replacement parts as a backrest in the operation.
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