We offer effective environmental solutions, addressed to the mitigation of the atmospheric emissions, throught the containment processes, supression and collection, getting the next benefits.

  • More efficiency in the equipment operations
  • Decrease in maintance costs
  • Accident and labor disease reduction
  • Improvement in labor environment.
  • Decrease in material loss
  • Better product quality.
  • Normativity for the environmental accomplishment avoiding sanctions and mulcts.

To accomplish the most effective solutions of atmospherical emissions it’s necessary to proceed first doing a containment by using chutes, transfers and industrial skirts with a suitable design, to mitígate material leaks, products to get and specifications of the process that would be chosen between supression throught the damp system or dry dusts catchment.


Fugitive materials are isolated at the environment, by using the installation of barrier mechanisms to guarantee that generated particles are kept confined.


Repression and material fugitive materials capture, using  wáter and chemical products for the emited particles by means of aspersión processes, foam and fog.


Dust collector equipments that use the ventilation rule to capture the dust current, retire it form the generation source and canalize it to collector equipments.

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