Ideal equipment for high quality bases and sub bases preparation, with a high and accurate granulometry, acording to the (IDU, INVIAS, ASTM, etc…) rules, additionally allows to reduce the aggregates segregation, an homogeneous mixture of components, and add wáter to get the wished humidity. It’s an independent to the trituration plant equipment, therefore, it is not required to make more netting changes in the riddles or stops in the daily aggregates production.


  • Exact materials dosage.
  • Granulometry 100% in accord to the required rules.
  • Reduction in the mixture segregation.
  • Possibility to vary the settings of the base instantly throught the software.
  • Possibility to attend clients with different bases requirements (IDU,INVIAS, ASTM, or personalized) withouth making changes in the plant configuration and neither moving materials in the yard.
  • Independization of the base production process with regard to the aggregates production.
  • Elimination of netting changes in the trituration plant.
  • Yellow machinery hours reduction required for the inefficient mixture in the yard.
  • Not more stock of segregated bases in the yard.


Once the truck comes to be charged, in just some minutes the bases mixture is done according to the client’s requirement and to the rule to supply, all this is adjusted with just a pair of clicks in the specializedsoftware included with the plant. Once the settings have been stablished, the aggregateds are dosaged, mixed, wáter is added to guarantee the required in the mixer humidity, it is unloaded in the anti segregation hopper and then in the programmed batch striaghtly to the truck.
The required aggregated to prepare the bases are previously stored in the 4 hoppers of the plant and are ready to be dosaged.
Throught this method it is avoided to make inaccurate mixtures with the charger in yard, re- processes, laboratory works, and have meters and meters of bases and sub bases segregated in stock.


  • Hoppers sytem with controled aggregated dosage according to the required rule.
  • Mixture system with continous mixer with humidity doser and anti segregation hopper for the truck unload.


MODEL  PB 150  PB 250
Plant capacity 150 TPH 250 TPM
kind Stationary Stationary
Hoppers number/products to mix 4 4
Each hopper capacity 9 m 3 12 m 3
Pugmil kind mixer Dual axis Dual axis
Anti segregation hopper mix 9 m 3 12 m 3
Conveyor band feeding to mixer 30 width 36 width
Covered conveyor belt, mixer feeding Optional Optional
Gangplank conveyor belt inspection feeding and mixing. Optional Optional
Software for mixture regulation Included Included
Calculation equipment and CCTV Included Included
Control Cabin Optional Optional
Water doser system Included Included
Cement doser system Optional Optional
Asfáltic emulsion doser system Optional Optional
Silo/additive hoppers Optional Optional
Water tank Optional Optional
Traffic control light Included Included


Software specially designed to configúrate different kinds of mixture according to the final client’s needs .
The configuration change of the bases is really simple, it is made since the control cabin with just a pair of clicks.
The aggregated mixture can only be rule INVIAS, ASTM, IDU or personalized according o the client’s needs.

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