Without end screws

Without end screws for the transport of dust and bulk products in great amounts. Horizontal inclined montage or also vertically. Can be used to control the material flow in process operations which depend on certain dosages.

Fabricated in open or closed case in different diameters and lenthts.

“Without end”, fabricated in steel with an option of armor in urethane or antiwear welding depending on the transported material.

 The screw conveyors “without end”, can be fabricated in warm resistant materials, also to corrosion or to abrasion. It all depends on the transported material nature and its application.



The bucket elevators are fabriacted by FRC ingeniería, mounted on a strip or chain, with capacities in agreement with the client’s requirements.

Used to elevate cereals, granes, or any dry or abrasive material.

The design and selection of the elevator’s components, get adapted to its individual requirement, offering in that a way a better operation and effectiveness in the material management.

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